The popping day

I know… I have always been on and off with this space. *guilts*

If you are on my instagram/facebook, you would probably know that Nicholas is a big baby boy now. ;)

Here’s me with baby Nicholas, 2 hours after the delivery.
Surprisingly, I could still look somewhat decent after 10 hours of labour. Hehe.

Nicholas was born on full term, on the exact EDD (estimated delivery date). Actually, this had caused much anxiety on us since we were expecting him to be out earlier. Everyone tells us boys usually pop before the EDD, while girls are likely to be late. I guess this also pretty much explains why man are always waiting for the woman? It’s an instinct to be late! Hahaha..

I had mixed feelings at Week 38 and 39. On one hand, I was wondering why wasn’t there any signs, hoping he will be ready to meet the world soon, yet, on the other hand, I felt it might be better if he stays in me, can’t imagine having to raise a kid.

Anyway, that very fine day (the day before EDD), I woke up from my afternoon nap feeling the urge to pee and I felt some fluid flowing out and it was uncontrollable. At that very moment, I took a deep breath. After a few tests with the nitrazine paper, we hurried down to the hospital!

As the time passed, the contractions got stronger but still random. I rested in the ward until around 10pm when the contractions became regular and starting to hurt! Seriously, giving birth feels like poo-ing. There was such a huge pressure against my hips whenever the contractions came on. The nurses mindfully reminded me not to shout or scream, and to breathe in-out rhythmically.  I REALLY felt like pushing Nicholas out but it wasn’t time yet. That felt so miserable!

L was by my side all the while and I felt he was more overwhelmed than I was.

When the nurses gave me the green light, it took me more than an hour to push Nicholas out and I did not take epidural. Don’t ask me why!

So Nicholas came to this world after midnight.
Aww… Look at him! Trying to suck his fingers. :D


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Wedding Preparations

One of my main purpose for this trip is to tick off as many items on our checklist. I’m glad I managed to settled some but it seems like a never ending list! And here I am cam-whoring in my bridal makeup just because I’m madly in love with my look created by Lynette! ;)

EROS salon

I have received several queries about 小曼老师 hair salon in Taipei. It’s called EROS, located in Bella Vita Building. Tel: +886 2 8786 2099

However, please note that you will need to make the appointment at least 3-6 months before!

For me, I wanted to have her cut my hair but it was such a last minute hair thought and I had another stylist – Monkey, instead. He is good too. But I can’t remember how much I paid. (It was more than 2 years ago.)

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Week 36 & counting…

I have officially hit 9 months and it is time to start the countdown! I am starting to feel some jittery over the fact that I’m gonna be a mommy real soon and of course being nervous about the delivery part. With the ultrasound scan showing Baby Wu is 3.3kg now and he is likely to be close to 4kg at due date. That’s a BIG baby!

I’ve got a bigger tummy now, which justifies his size?

CC40 Sneaks!

Working out the details for this Wednesday’s launch and here’s some sneaks for you! ;)

Pastel Colorblock Blouse in MINT + Summer Straw Bag


I’m loving the Summer Straw Bag for its super spacious fit! I’ve been carrying it for the past few weeks and it can definitely fit all my barang barang and withstand the weight~

English Rose Chiffon Tank

The sweet and demure floral print caught my eye when I was doing the sourcing. This is by far the loveliest floral I have come across and the versatility makes it a must-have! Pair with a black peplum/bandaged skirt for work or go with denim bottom for a causal street style. I can imagine it matching so well with highwaist jeans! Material is silky chiffon, kinda sheer so inner piece required.

Floral Motif Shorts in PEACOCK

Another of my favorite piece from this collection! I dread the fact that I can’t wear shorts now so I’m gonna keep a piece for myself and hopefully I will be able to fit in soon after the delivery.

If you look closely, you will notice eyelets amongst the splendid prints. The shorts is made of polyester, slightly rough surface but the inner is lined, so no worries about the comfort. ;) And yes! Comes with complimentary white belt as shown.

CC40: Summer Paradise will be launched on 18th July (Wed) @ 9pm. Check out! :D


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